L & G Howells Waterwheel 1865

A part of Bagillt’s History becomes a major tourist attraction.

For many years villagers of Bagillt believed the Famous Laxy wheel in the IOM Was made in Bagillt by the Hawarden Iron Works, Boot End, Bagillt.

The story was researched by the Bagillt Heritage Society and found to be untrue following a visit to the Llywernog Mining Museum in Mid Wales where remains of a 140 yr old, 50 ft diameter water wheel made by Messrs Leigh and Gilbert Howell, Hawarden Iron Works, Bagillt, was seen in pieces and in very poor condition.

3 years later, in January 2007 Bagillt History Club’s website receives an email from a Mr Leigh Howell, now living Ottawa, Canada, asking for information about the Hawarden Iron Works. Saying that his Great Grandfather Gilbert and Brother Leigh where partners in the iron works. Asking for information for his family tree. I asked Bagillt history club member Terah Lloyd, If he had any knowledge of the iron works and the waterwheel. To my surprise, he handed me newspaper cuttings, sent to him by friends in IOM Telling of the Lady Evelyn water wheel and its rebuilding to become a main tourist attraction in Laxey, Isle of Man. The full story of this famous part of Bagillt history , telling of its history, its rebuilding, and lots of pictures can be found on


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