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Worrels Directory of 1874 described thus:

Bagillt, in North Wales is a large thriving village in the township of Bagillt Fawr and Bagillt Fechan in the parish and Union of Holywell, situated about 2 mile from the town of Holywell, and the same distance from Flint. Here are extensive lead works, collieries, chemical works, and a brewery, also a railway station on the Chester-Holyhead line, and a quay on the River Dee.

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Bagillt History Web Site is run by the people of Bagillt for the people of our village or anyone world wide who has connections with Bagillt.
Please feel free to contact us if we can help you with your research on Bagillt or you have information, photographs, etc. you think may be of interest to us.
As a club we meet on the First Thursday of the Month, 7pm to 9pm, at Beechcroft House next to theBowling Green , Bagillt.
Our aim is for like minded people who are interested in the History of Bagillt to come together to enjoy and share their memories of days gone by.
We hold a large collection of old Photographs of Bagillt and its people and, with the help of computers, we can now show them on the big screen to our members.
On alterative months we have guest speakers covering a variety of subjects (when ever possible, all with Bagillt connections).
The club has a selection of publications available and it is hoped in the near future to have a new book "Bagillt Through The Ages - 2nd addition".

New Members always welcome.

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Now in its 44th Year.

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Bagillt Throught the Ages 1.= £5

Bagillt Throught the Ages 2.= £6

Bagillt Nicknames= £2
19th Century Master Mariners of Bagillt= £3
Further Reflections of Bagillt= £3
1920's Reflections of Bagillt= £3
Glan Aber,  Boot Council School= £5
The Days of the Lather Boys= £2
The Foresters Hall Bagillt= £2
Flintshire Chair & Crown Eisteddfod= £2
The Life & Times of Ceridwen Eluned Meese= £5
More about Bagillt= £4



Picture of the month


                                      1952. Mrs Anderton's. Bagillt Junior Choir.


It is with sad regret that one of Bagillt History Clubs most loyal and dedicated members
Mr Emlyn Round passed away on Friday 26th August2011.  Aged 72.
He told many stories of his childhood days living in the Boot End of the village
before starting a new life by emigrating to Canada. He never forgot his links with the village of Bagillt
and through the wonders of the internet contact was made with the Bagillt History Club.
Many emails later, having been told that a1889 Bagillt Eisteddfod Chair was in the hands of the Victoria Welsh Society in Canada. His first words where, 
This chair should be in its home village of Bagillt. On behalf of Bagillt History Club
and along with his good friend Gwerfyl Richards.
Emlyn armed with his BHC books and his favourite Welsh sweater, with its Welsh dragon on the front
met  the committee of the Victoria Welsh Society asking for the return of the chair to Bagillt.
How could they resist the charms of a true Bagilltonian. His request for the chairs return was granted.
The rest is history, after the Celebratory return of the chair with villagers filling St Mary,s Church to the brim, the chair now rests in its home village for all to see.

Emlyn ranks along with Mrs Ceridwen Meese writer of many books on the history of Bagillt,
as having the honour of making history, and helping to keep our history alive 
for future generations to come.





Bagillt Eisteddfod Chair .

The story of the 118 year old Bagillt Eisteddfod Chair found in Canada and returned to its home village of Bagillt in North Wales.

The story was first published on the internet on the Carwyne Edwards 

News on Wales website USA.

From there on it was picked up by the media with the story of the chairs return seen, heard, and printed in news papers around the world.

The Bagillt Eisteddfod Chair again recieved recognition at the Welsh National Eisteddfod, held in Mold , North Wales.

Where it again appeared on television,  with the story told on the radio to the people of the UK.

In September 2007 the 118 year old chair was displayed along side the 2007 Eisteddfod chair in the town of Ruthin, North Wales, for their Heritage Weekend .

It was on display in the showrooms of

Bizarre Furniture Makers

  ( The 2007 Eisteddfod chair maker )

Unit 2. Ffordd yr Onnen. Lon parcwr. Ruthin.

Previous story:- Repatriation of the Bagillt Bardic Chair

Bardic Chair Returns to Village


Website of the Month.


Dafydd ap Llywelyn

Born at Castell Hen Blas, Bagillt.

Historic plaque unveiling in Bagillt

                                           Read about the Historic Plaque Unveiling in Bagillt



The National Library of Wales


Clwyd Coastal Survey




Family History Link



US Fighter plane found on North Wales beach



The first trade union in Britain was recorded in Bagillt


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Your first point of call for Two World War records

New Website 
Bagillt War Memorial

Discover your local and family history records at the




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A part of Bagillt's History becomes a major tourist attraction.  For many years villagers of Bagillt believed the Famous laxey wheel in the IOM  It was made in Bagillt by the Hawarden Iron Works, Boot End, Bagillt.     



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St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church as photo..

Bagillt Docks

Bagillt Docks

A very important part of the village in its time.

Station Road

Station Road

Station Road with it level crossing in foreground.

Blossoms Hotel

Blossoms Hotel

Blossoms Hotel looking towards centre of village.

Boot End

Boot End

Looking towards the Boot End of the village

Old Smithy

Old Smithy

Village Smithy, Gadlys Lane.

Parrot School

Parrot School

The Parrot School, Unique to Bagillt.



Pentre Street Scene

Bagillt History Club Members

Bagillt History Club Members

A Gathering of Bagillt History Club Members


All books are available through local libraries at Bagillt, Flint and Holywell or by mail

Book price + postage to be found on our What's New page

Bagillt Through the Ages

Bagillt History Clubs First Publication. Full of History, facts & Pictures of our Village. 60 Pages.

Bagillt Nicknames

The village remembers from word of mouth or over the telephone. Mrs Meese soon received enough nicknames of village people to make this unique book a winner. 22 Pages

19th Century Master Mariners of Bagillt

Stories and facts about Bagillt's seafaring people from Local Fishermen to Sea Captains. 36 pages.

Further Reflections of Bagillt

The 1920's reflections of Bagillt was such a success Mrs Meese put pen to paper and wrote this follow up book. 42 Pages.

1920,s Reflections of Bagillt.

A nice collection of story's of village life and its people in the 1920's and 30's. 20 pages.

Glan Aber.. The Boot Council School

A book on the history of this school, with lots of pictures, records, and Reports. Also the story of the time capsule placed in the new Glan Aber School. 58 Pages.

The Days of the Lather Boys

In this booklet there are lots of snippets of stories about the village and its people as overheard by the lather boys in the village barber Shop.

The Foresters Hall Bagillt

This building is truly a giant, The grand old man. Words used to describe this dominant building in the centre of the village. Booklet tells of its History. 16 Pages.

Flintshire Chair Crown Eisteddfod

Booklet tells of 1889 Eisteddfod held in Bagillt. Goes on to say its pavilion was the first in Wales to be lit by electric light.
18 Pages

The Life Times of Ceridwen Eluned Meese

The village of Bagillt owes so much to this Lady ( Historian) Sadly she passed away in 1999 after spending most of her retirement years researching and writing about the history of Bagillt. The book tells of her life. Pages


LEAD..The most authentic records of the lead refining industry In Bagillt are probably those relating to the Gadlys Works, But there is every reason to suppose that lead refining was practiced long before the erection of this famous works.

COAL...At different times throughout the 19th century, there were at least 11 known coal pits in Bagillt. Bettisfield being the most dominant.

DOCKS on the River Dee..It is more than likely that small Fishing boats had been using the Bagillt mark or gully for centuries. It was not really until the coming of industry In the 18th century that Bagillt developed as a small port With several busy quays.

RAILWAY.. The railway age dawned in Bagillt on May The 1st, 1848, when the Chester and Holyhead railway opened to traffic. The local industries of lead smelting, coal mining, iron founding, which had relied on the wharves and the jetties along the river Dee as there sole means of transport..

PLACES OF WORSHIP.. In a church census in 1851, The following where listed, Bethania, Wesleyan Methodist, built 1801; Bethel, Baptist, built 1818; Ebenezer, Wesleyan Methodist, built 1915; Smyrna, Independent, built 1801; Tabernacle, Calvanistic Methodist, built 1841. St Mary,s Parish Church. 1844..

SCHOOLS.. Bagillt had two principal schools in 1846 The National or Church School and the British School Run by the nonconformists.

ROPE making.. The rope walk, at the beginning of the 19th Century, was considered the longest in Britain.